Martin & Wieska Overduin
(604) 794-5779

We are blessed to have Martin & Wieska as the heads of our youth leader team. Together with 4 other leaders, they seek to minister to the youth of our Church and community. Martin and Wieska have been married since 2003 and have been blessed with 4 children.
We are also blessed to have Rick Kattenberg, Brodie Roos, Jolene Vermeer and Brittany Van Muyen assisting in the instruction of our youth. Together along with Martin & Wieska, this team loves ministering to the youth and bringing the truths of the Bible to them.

Youth Evenings

Tuesday evening is dedicated to the youth of our church. Teens in grades 7-12 are instructed in the basic truths of the Reformed doctrine by Pastor John.   They are also given further instruction in youth classes by Mr. Martin Overduin (see above) along with a number of other youth leaders. Together the purpose of these classes is to train our youth in the rich truths of our reformed faith.  Our goal is that our youth will be equipped rather than entertained.

There are also social activities organized once a month for our youth. Some examples are:
  • Waterpark Day
  • Bowling
  • Car Rally
  • Games Night
  • Mystery Dinner
Visit our Calendar page to view the next event.